By Mir
June 7, 2006

Here’s a fine example of something that’s a great deal ($5.29 with free shipping, down from $14.99), that my son would LOVE, that would make me want to jab hot pokers through my eardrums. Repeatedly.

Here’s the text from the site:

Prepare for ultra excitement with this totally cool figure that makes an electronic battle roar! Push button on Pikachu’s back to prepare for battle and activate electronic sounds! But stay on his good side…Pikachu’s arms raise and its ears go back when it gets angry! With this awesome Pokemon, you’re prepared for the ultra Pokemon battle of a lifetime! Includes 3 AAA batteries. Figure comes with instructions.

Right. Comes with instructions. Let me guess: Insert batteries. Listen to Pikachu roar and squeak a bazillion times. Weep. Fall to your knees and thank the Lord above when the batteries die.

Sometimes, you have to know when to walk away from even the really good deals….

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  1. I admit – I have actually purchased toys that required batteries (purely for sound effects) and just NOT put the batteries in the toy. Kiddo never suspected.

    Of course, now he’s old enough to read so I can’t use that anymore… he’s have it figured out AND hunt the batteries down himself (at the expense of the remote control, etc).

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