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By Mir
June 21, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ohhhhhh my pretties, I must be strong. I MUST BE STRONG.

Get free shipping on a purchase of $25+ at Sephora with code VOTENOW. Coupon expires June 25th.

Check out the “Last Chance” section for steals and deals. Think gift closet! Think teacher gifts. Think little girl birthday party favors (the Sephora Girl line is so cute it hurts). Search around the site, too—the Seaside Body Scrub is $5 (regularly $26!) and isn’t showing up in the Last Chance items.

Mmmmm… the world smells a little better now, just thinking about it.


  1. Ooo…never bought from sephora before. What is good? Can anyone recommend hair stuff (I have thick curly frizzalicious-in-humidity hair)? Or mascara? Or…?

    bec 😀

  2. I always shop at Now that I moved to this state where they don’t have a sephora! How do these people live! LOL I just also wanted to let everyone know you always get free shipping if you spend $75.00 or more. Which is pretty easy to do there. And you get 3 free samples to try!



  3. Now I am SO tempted to buy the thing I have been wanting from Sephora. The Jonathan shower water filter. Such a ridiculous expense that I can’t quite justify but still want very badly. Someday maybe…

  4. thanks, i just got a bunch of deals with no shipping!!! i seriously love your site!

  5. Sephora. My weakness.

    Mir! All these deals that you bring to us: it’s like a new world for me!

    And my husband hates that I visit this website, because of it! Even if it IS on sale

  6. Dude, anything coming into this house from Sephora is NOT going in the gift closet. It’s going in the GIFTS FOR ME closet.

    Must. Shop. Now.

  7. Ohhh…I must look at their site and see what goodies I can find. I just ordered from them and always get their free gift packaging, because I am a dork. I am an even bigger dork because I always write a gift card too…a gift card to myself! See if this promotional code still works: PEPTIDE1 If it still works it’s good for a good sized sample of Kinerase. (That’s in addition to the other three free samples.) Hmmm…now I don’t know if that will work since you have a code for the free shipping…wonder if two codes work?

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