Never pay for a magazine

By Mir
June 28, 2006

I like magazines. Do you like magazines?

I like to stack them up in my bathroom, and then when I run in there to hide from the bickering, I can read all about Valentine’s Day crafts I could’ve made with my kids back in February if only I’d had time to read my magazine back then.

Very few magazines actually make a profit on subscriptions. Most make their money off of advertising alone. In fact, magazines are able to charge more for advertising the greater their subscribership… and that means they will often give away free subscriptions because it boosts their profits in the long run.

Get a free year-long subscription to Alternative Medicine and know that your other favorites will probably show up on free offers, too. And then? Never pay for a magazine again.

If you have kids, you’ll probably never have time to read them, anyway. Less guilt, this way.


  1. Also–if you ever get an offer for a magazine subscription at a “Professional Rate” or something like that, take it, because the other offers will start pouring in and you’ll get year-long subscriptions to great magazines for around $3. Somehow my fiance and I ended up on these lists, and now we get at least one “Professional Rate” magazine offer a week!

  2. You can also try Googling, “free Parenting magazine,” “free Real Simple,” etc. Sometimes sites supposedly give away free subs for doing surveys. I have yet to actually receive one that way, however.

    There are a lot of free/super cheap magazine ripoffs out there. Before you get your heart set on that free read showing up in your mailbox, try Googling for some consumer opinion. I’m speaking of sites like and others.

  3. I think eBay has some pretty cheap magazine subscriptions. I paid $7 for a 3-year subscription to Wired Magazine.

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