It’s Friday, all day

By Mir
June 30, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Don’t forget to check out the Friday Sale at Amazon! All sorts of things to choose from this week, if you’re in the mood to spend.

I didn’t even know they made 1000 thread count sheets. I could never buy those; I don’t think I’d ever get out of bed again if I did.


  1. i’m thinking you couldn’t stay IN bed, with that high of a tc. i heard it once somewhere that anything around or higher than 600ish is so damn slippery you slide all around 😛

  2. Forget the sheets, what about the Cartier tote regularly $1,800 but now an affordable $999.90. Yowser!

  3. You know, I bought white 1000 count sheets at a Tuesday morning about 3 months ago… perhaps the best bed investment I’ve ever made. And honestly, I think I paid $80 for a queen set? I can bleach the holy heck out of them, they are both soft and cool, and the best part is unlike my last sheet set, the weave is so tight that my cats’ claws don’t accidently pill (or tear) them when they jump and walk across the bed. I say splurge!!

  4. I had a gift certificate for Amazon. I bought the sheets. All told, I spent about 20 bucks for them.

    Thanks, Mir!

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