Monster savings

By Mir
July 2, 2006

There are very few places where I will buy new clothing for my kids, as I am loathe to spend more than a few dollars per item. That’s fine when I’m buying used, but sort of restricts my choices when buying new.

The Children’s Place is one of those stores where you can score some great deals if you shop at the right time. And right now is the right time!

In addition to the Monster Sale (shop the outlet), standard shipping is just $5 no matter how much you order, and you can use coupon code FPM66 for 20% off or NMS676 for $10 off of $30.

Stock up at these prices, then think fondly of me when you’re pulling stuff out a year from now, saying, “Oh! I remember when Mir told me to buy this! She’s so pretty!”


  1. Oh MiR, you’re soooo pretty! We love you! Thank you for the info about Children’s place. I loooooooove that place. I almost passed out when they sent me a $10 off $10.01 coupon.

    I’m going there this week! Love it!

    p.s. do you know of any great deals (coupons, sales) for pampers or luvs??????????????

  2. Tanyetta…I just bought Luvs from Amazon Grocer using Mir’s awesome $10 off code. My boy’s in a size 3, so I was able to buy two packages (348 diapers total) for $47.24. Woo-hoo!
    One package (174 dipes)=$28.62 (It’s the super duper enormous jumbo pack.)
    Two packs (348 dipes)=$57.24 – $10 (GROCER2 code)=$47.24 and free shipping! So, 174 diapers = $23.62 Suh-weet!

    You know…not only is Mir pretty and smart…I’ve heard she even smells good!

  3. I could do with someone pretty like you in England. We don’t get Sunday coupons GASP!!! I miss that now I’m living back home.

  4. Fabulous!! Thanks Mir!!!

  5. there’s a $10 off code for pampers or luvs at amazon? how did i miss that????

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