Look Ma, no streaks!

By Mir
July 12, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to Mary for pointing me towards this free sample of Degree Women Ultra Clear. It’s “100% little black dress approved!” It’s 100% free (while supplies last)!

I love health and beauty samples, because there is nothing sadder than buying a new product and discovering that you hate it. It’s so wasteful to throw it away, but no one wants your used deodorant, dude. This way, you try it out, and if it sucks, who cares. Or if you have no interest in it at all? When it comes, donate it to your local shelter (along with those free soaps and such you’ve been collecting at hotels).


  1. You are the beautiful, smart QUEEN of free stuff! I freakin’ love you!

  2. I have this stuff, and while I like it, it is not 100% black dress approved. It works well for its intended use, but keep a dryer sheet handy to get the streaks off. Go for the free sample anyway.

  3. Sweet Simplicity Sweetener is offering a free sample as well.

  4. AWESOME on the link for the free walmart samples…this needs to be on the main page of wantnot

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