You’re going to hate me for this one

By Mir
July 12, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m just going to apologize right up front. I know. I know. You will curse my name the day you taste this stuff. I’m sorry.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of Dale and Thomas Popcorns, now is the time to check them out. Their stuff is very yummy. (And that’s an endorsement from me, a regular person who appreciates good snacks. Sure, they’re endorsed by Oprah, but do you want food recommendations from Oprah? Just sayin’.) I ordered a sample the last time this deal was offered and I still haven’t gotten over it. Rather, my tastebuds are still longing for more… while my behind is wishing for less. If you see what I mean.

So. You have until July 14th to get a 5-cup bag of premium gourmet popcorn for just $2.95 shipping/handling. If you have willpower (I don’t), it would make a lovely gift rather than a gluttonous late-night snack.

But if you eat it, and promise not to yell at me? I promise not to tell.

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  1. You are a Wenchy Wench from Wencherton.

    Thank God I resisted the popcorn. Seriously – those strawberry kernels look like the coagulated bloodballs from Fear Factor. GROSS!

    And that, that is what made me avoid ordering anything.

  2. if only it wasn’t strawberry. i have a kid with severe anaphylaxis to strawberries here, so none allowed in the house.

    ah well, you saved me almost $3.

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