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By Mir
July 14, 2006
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Sign up to receive free samples of Dove “Cool Moisture” body wash and lotion.

Or, sign up to receive a free sample of Dove “Calming Night.”

I have used and really like the Cool Moisture body wash. It hydrates well and has a light, clean scent. I’m not really sure what that Calming Night stuff is (notice, it doesn’t even tell you what sort of product you’ll receive), but, um, it’s Dove! And uses the word “calm!” So I’ll take my chances.

Now, if you’ll excuse me; I have to go dress up like a cow.


  1. It asks for your age, and the year section goes to 2006.

  2. I just wanted to mention that I already received the free “Calming Night” sample. When I signed up, I had my choice of body wash or bath bar. It’s a lavender scented soap that is actually quite relaxing. Sort of like the Johnson’s Baby stuff, except that it actually smells NICE! LOL. I’m assuming they are running low on the samples and just send you a randomly selected trial size, instead of offering the choice. HTH!

  3. BOO! “Available to US residents only.” Boo, hiss!

  4. Dang, when you said Free Dove Samples, I thought you were talking about chocolate. Unfair! Forget soap, give me candy, er, antioxidant-laden artery helping health food. Yeah, that’s it.

  5. I’ve used the Dove Calming Night stuff. I really like the smell. It’s nice and subtle, and oddly enough, calming.

  6. Damn, I was hoping for Dove Bars.

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