Quinn? Uma? Xenia? Yvonne?

By Mir
July 20, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sometimes things go on sale because only the less-popular options remain. That’s when you can get a great bargain, if what works for you isn’t what works for most people.

Have an unusual name? Have a daughter with an unusual name? Go to Red Envelope and do a search on initial pendant necklace (for some reason I’m having trouble linking directly). If your name starts with Q, U, X or Y, today may just be your lucky day!


  1. Quiterie, Uilani, Xaviera, Yolanda

  2. We have a birthday party next week for a girl whose name starts with Y! But I’m relucant to get a sterling silver necklace for a 6-year-old . . . no matter how terrific the discount is.

  3. *sigh* Now all I need are those kind of presents for BOYS! I’ve got Quinnlin (Quinn for short) and I can NEVER find anything. Poor kid will never have one of those cheap personalized bike license plates 🙂 Even Connor is diffcult to find.

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