Oooooh, free Aveda!

By Mir
July 21, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I saw this link for a free Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment (U.S. residents only) and was all excited. I like Aveda! I mean, I think I do; the little samples I’ve gotten here and there are marvelous. Sometimes I consider actually buying something by Aveda and then I look at the prices and laugh until I wet myself and, oddly enough, never end up purchasing. Go figure.

And then after I submitted my sample request, I read this:

Thank you for requesting your free single-use sample of Damage Remedy(tm) Intensive Restructuring Treatment. We would also like to invite you to experience Aveda in other ways – both online and in person.

When you visit your nearest Aveda Experience Center, you’ll receive a complimentary Sensory Ritual – just print this page and bring it with you when you visit. Come in today and bring a friend.

Sensory Ritual? Experience Aveda in “other ways?” Is it just me, or did Aveda just try to get me to come to a swingers party…?


  1. Complimentary sensual ritual? I remember being offered these frequently as a teenage girl way back when. The guys didn’t put it quite that way, though. Maybe the people at Aveda have heard just how pretty you are.

  2. I think they heard about your new cut and color and want to see for themselves how pretty you are since you didn’t post any pictures! Are you going to their swingers party?

  3. I filled out the form and the invitation made me feel a little dirty.

  4. I’ve used their skin care line for years and love it – and there are ways to make it stretch. I buy the gel cleanser in the largest size (returning three empty Aveda containers of any sort gets me a 5% discount – I save up to use toward this purchase). Since I transfer it to a smaller pump bottle to use it, it’s easy to thin it down almost halfway with water – doesn’t harm the product’s effectiveness, and makes the big bottle last me over a year!

    A little goes a very long way on the rest of their products as well.

  5. Perhaps they are Scientologists over at Aveda?

  6. I must be a very dirty girl since I’ve done the Sensory Ritual twice! Basically you smell all their different “flavors” and pick the ones you like best and narrow it down until you have your favorite. Then you can spend a bunch of money putting that scent into everything they sell like shower gel and shampoo.

  7. They actually have 5 or 6 different sensory rituals. I can’t tell you how I know that because if I did I would have to kill you and then hunt down all your readers and kill them too. It’s easier just not to say.

    Anything with the work ritual in it sounds kind of weird to me.

  8. Yes. They did.


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