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By Mir
July 25, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have you ever shopped Spilsbury? Check out the sale section for all manner of interesting and wacky items. You may have to hunt a bit for a good deal, but there are a few buried in there. (Search for item #15542… wooden poker chips in a caddy for just $7.77!)

Here’s some codes, but I haven’t tested any of them, so proceed at your own risk. And, you know, don’t yell at me if they don’t work.

40509 – $5 off a $25 order
40578 – $5 off $25
11018 – $10 off a $50 order
40507 – $10 off a $50 order
40508 – $10 off a $75 order

I’m thinking of getting the prank tongue ring. Cuz I’m just cool like that.


  1. ah ha ha ha. The Christmas Story lamp!!!

  2. Never mind the Girlfriend Pillow – where can I get the model who is using the pillow? Oh, the nose! *swoon*

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