Good morning! Tea?

By Mir
July 26, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Although I would really like to start off each and every day with a gigantic mug of strong coffee, my nerves and my children don’t seem to feel that I need quite that much caffeine. Go figure.

And so I have recently switched to green tea, which is chock full of antioxidants and other good stuff, and has considerably less caffeine than coffee (or even black tea, for that matter).

That’s why I immediately told Bridgett how pretty she was when she sent me the link to these freebies from Yogi Tea. I got the green tea sampler, but there are four different packs to choose from. Surely there’s something that tickles your tastebuds… especially since it’s our very favorite price.


  1. Do you guys get a lot of spam for free stuff? I have a spam blocker, so it catches most of it, but whenever I check it, it is chock full of offers, but they are the kind where you have to participate in some program or something.

  2. No, I don’t get spam for free stuff. I do, however, sometimes think “wouldn’t it be nice if there was x for free” and I’ll google “x free sample” and get lucky…like green tea!

  3. Mmmm…I keep a package of herbal teas in my desk during the school year. It calms me — and I reach for it when I want, but clearly don’t need — coffee. Thanks for the connection!

  4. I love Green Tea! You are so pretty, Mir. And wise. Did you know that it also makes wonderful chilled tea? I don’t even follow the complicated directions – just fill a gallon pitcher with water, add three tea bags, and throw it in the fridge. After a few hours or a day later, I fish out the bags and toss. Chilly Green Tea for hot summer days.

  5. bridgett, I never have thought to do such a thing! Your comment in itself is a tip! 🙂 So thanks.

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