Sweepstakes and free toothpaste

By Mir
July 26, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Check out this contest over at Sensodyne and don’t forget to register for a free sample while you’re there.

I like Sensodyne. Well, I don’t love the price, but I do like being able to eat cold foods without experiencing that ice-pick-in-the-gums sensation, which is what happens when I don’t use my sensitive teeth toothpaste.

I’m sensitive; I can’t help it. I’m a delicate flower. Stop laughing.

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  1. Sorry–this is only collaterally related to the topic, but was anyone else chapped by the fact that the entry form requires you to go on record as either a “Miss”, “Mrs.” or “prefers not to specify”? Seems a bit old fashioned to me. It’s the first time in my adult life where I’ve found no option for “Ms.” OK. Otherwise–great tip, Mir. And you are pretty!

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