More shoes?

By Mir
August 1, 2006

Now remember: Just because there’s a deal, doesn’t mean you have to go out and use it. I don’t want to hear of anyone ending up destitute in a house crammed full of Manolos. But if you need shoes (or maybe the kids are needing some for back-to-school), this might be a good deal for you.

Take $10 off of any order at Shoebuy with coupon code ICE7463. Like Zappos, Shoebuy always has free shipping and free returns. Coupon expires October 31st, so you have plenty of time to use it.

So, you know, if you don’t need shoes right now, don’t fret. Surely we can find something you need before Halloween.

(Oops! Did I say that in my out-loud voice? My bad.)


  1. I’m sorry, I’m a little confused. Are you saying that there might be times when I don’t NEED new shoes?

    signed, Well On My Way to Manolo-Shod Destitution

  2. But I have so many shoes! Let me think this one over.


  3. Oh ya. I have WAY too many shoes! Thanks anyway.

  4. thanks! i just found the shoes that were out-of-stock at zappos at shoebuy. yay!

    you’re so pretty!

  5. Ok, the truth is, I only have one pair of shoes that I wear every day! Thanks for the code. I used it twice for two different pairs of shoes!

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