Tup, Tup, Tupperware

By Mir
August 2, 2006

With the advent of cheap, disposable plastic food storage, I have gratefully switched over to mostly using the sorts of containers that you can buy at the grocery store in multi-packs. Then when I find myself growing science experiments in the back of the fridge, I can just chuck the entire thing without too much guilt.

But I must confess—I do pink puffy heart the few pieces of genuine Tupperware that I own.

Also? I surf the Tupperware deals for teacher gifts, because who doesn’t like Tupperware? Aliens and robots, that’s who. Real people (and especially real teachers) love and appreciate genuine Tupperware.

And that’s why I want to tell you that the CrystalWave soup mugs are on sale right now. Think teacher gifts! There are a million things you can reheat in a 16-ounce handled mug with that awesome, microwave-safe, vented lid. It’s a far cry from a “My Teacher Gets An A+” mug.


  1. Ha! My dad is a teacher, and every year for Christmas, he gets about 3 million mugs in various motifs, I’m pretty sure that somewhere, he has one that says “My Teacher Gets an A+”

  2. I would be lost without my Crystalwave mugs! I have one that I’ve been using for about 6 years. The little venty hole is the best because you rarely have to worry about stuff cooking over. Oh, is also helped if you don’t fill the bowl aboe the fill line inside. It’s like Tupperware built them to be idiot proof!! So, if you pack your lunch (leftovers rock!), you’ll love these mugs. There’s a similar line called RocknServe, but I don’t like them. They may not stain, but I fight with getting the lids on. If those ever go on sale, don’t bother.

    I love those disposable dishes, too, but I don’t trust the seal for packed lunches, and they don’t fair well in the microwave. The extra cost of this Tupperware item is well worth it.

  3. My mom is the tupperware buying queen, so I have to tell you that most tupperware has a lifetime warranty that is easy to get them to comply with. I had some of those crazy rock and serve things, but the lids refused to ever go on. Guess what, you can get your money back easily (or another product in exchange). My mom has probably bought me every tupperware product ever available, so I have no need for any deals on this (although I suppose I should pass this along to her!), but I do know she swears tupperware is worth the money just in customer service.

  4. I am a teacher, and I drink lots of coffee, so I get coffee mugs every year. When I get overstocked, I put the old ones in the teachers lounge for substitutes or plant herbs in them on my deck. But yes, Tupperware would be an awesome teacher gift! I really, really do appreciate the families that are thoughtful enough to give me a small token at holiday gift time.

  5. I bought 3, this will be great for my morning oatmeal!
    Also the sandwich keepers were buy 2 get 2 free, they are handy with daily sandwiches! Your rock!

  6. Thank you! I teach 1st grade and the amount of crap I get is unbelievable. This would be a very nice present. Gift cards are also a very nice!

  7. Wow, I can relate to the post on so many levels. One, I love a deal. Two, I’m a teacher and have more ugly mugs than I can handle. Three, my grandma was a Tupperware manager when I was a kid, so my family’s kitchen was entirely equipped with the stuff. Dishes, glasses, modular storage containers, everything. I have learned from experience that it is quite possible to grow tired of it. I have rebelled against the Tupperware machine and now own a few pieces of (gasp!) Rubbermaid!

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more. But then, I sell the stuff.

  9. Hey — just reading thru the emails here. Hope I’m not being too disturbing.
    I saw a really great piece on PBS about the woman who was the brains behind the whole home-party selling of Tupperware. She became quite big in the company, but they eventually drummed her out without a dime to her name. It’s a sad story, really, but the telling is really wonderful. For anyone who enjoys slices of Americana, I recommend the flim. Here’s the Amazon link:

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