Precious Moments; good baby gift

By Mir
August 3, 2006

Know someone who just had a little girl? Don’t think Precious Moments figurines are creepy? (I do think they’re a little creepy, but I’m also sort of afraid of clowns, so make of that what you will.)

Check out these flower bell figurines, one for each month, all marked down from $16.99 to $4.99. Supposedly coupon code 568/0300 will work for free shipping, as well, but I haven’t tested it because looking into those big round eyes fills me with such panic and dread, I had to look away before I had a chance to test it.

(But, seriously: Does no one else hear them whispering, “You will be assimilated!”? It’s just me?)


  1. Have you no soul/heart/feelings, lady?? Kidding. So kidding. I hate these little creatures — because they totally creep me out. But I have issues with dolls too and that’s why the good Lord gave me a boy.
    However, my mother LOVES them and will completely tuck these away in hopes of girl children being born somewhere.
    Somedays, I am forced to wonder if I was switched in the hospital.

  2. I just got cold chills. (Although I will admit that when I was about 15, I cross-stitched a Precious Moments clown as a baby gift. It’s only now that the big round sad eyes give me the heebie jeebies.)

  3. OMG…Precious Moments creep me out and I hate clowns as well! Why are their eyes so ridiculously far apart?!?!
    My religious aunt gave me a Precious Moments bible as a high school graduation gift (!), and my mom promptly regifted it to her friend’s young daughter. More appropriate if you ask me. 🙂

  4. I don’t have any qualms about Precious Moments stuff in general. But my kids are afraid of clowns so I can understand…
    However, I went to buy one since I will be having my 1st girl in less than 2 weeks (scheduled delivery) and I can’t get the free shipping to work. Less than $10 w/ shipping so I think I still will order one.

  5. Ooooh, I hate Precious Moments; those little figurines give me the shudders. One thing has always puzzled me – aren’t they supposed to represent innocent little children?? If so, why is there a figurine with a pregnant Precious Moments girl? I’m just saying….

  6. My little niece–I kid you not–looks EXACTLY like a PM figurine. But in a cute way, not creepy. Anyway, tried to order one of these for her, but couldn’t get the free shipping to work.

  7. I am including a reference to Precious Moments in a song I’m writing. I’ve done a bit of web research. I can’t believe what I have found. A Precious Moments Chapel. A website that is ‘devoted to bringing the Precious Moments family together.’ There’s a family? I knew it: it is the Borg, in bisque.

    Saw your blog here — I think it is no coincidence that the same people who find clowns scary are also creeped out by Precious Moments crap. (I fit into both categories) Both clowns and PM are supposed to be fun/sweet/funny representations of ourselves. But both clowns and PM figurines distort and (I think) disfigure human emotion down into easily-digestible cotton candy bites. Except for folks like me. It makes me throw up. So does cotton candy, come to think of it …


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