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By Mir
August 14, 2006
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The very pretty Sara alerted me to this site:

It’s Such a Waste!
Every year millions of unsold high-quality nursery plants are destroyed

Thousands of Workers with Disabilities need Jobs
Sheltered workshops all over the Nation can provide jobs. The problem is to find enough work to keep the doors open.

We find unsold plants, have those workshops package them and…

The Plants are YOURS FREE!
You pay only processing and shipping.

Shipping and handling runs about $6.95 per item, which is still an awesome deal on most of the things they offer. Don’t be put off by the amateur appearance of the site; they are legit.

Get your plants cheap and contribute to a good cause, all at once! Thanks, Sara!


  1. And they have pictures of the plants for the botanically illiterate, woo!

  2. Awesome! I have been wanting to get some plants/flowers because we are the only house in our neighborhood that is landscapingly challenged. I never have the time to go anywhere, and most online places are so expensive! Also, the fact that I have no idea what the different plants look like or how big they get is a challenge. This place is great! Hooray for Mir! You saved the day for me again…well, that may be a tad dramatic, but you helped beautify my house!

  3. Mmm- it’s just my opinion- but I would rather shop at the better nurseries, like Breck’s bulbs, Spring Hill nurseries, Van Bourgondian nurseries, and Miller Nurseries. #1, I know they have outstanding customer service. They also have a huge range of products, and I know for a fact their products are bigger and better quality than anybody else’s. I bought some lilies from Breck’s, and I bought some of the same type from Walmart, and the Breck’s ones literally grew at least a foot higher, if not more, and they were more healthy and vigorous. I get wonderful pretty bulbs and trees at Breck’s and Miller’s that I can’t get elsewhere. Also, since being on Breck’s mailing list, every year I get at least one “$25 off $50 order” coupon, and combining that with their sales, it gets really cheap. Sometimes it’s a $35 off coupon! That’s the only time I order, with the coupon. I also found that Spring Hill nurseries and Van Bourgondian nurseries do the same thing. This company here in the link does have some good prices, but my question would be- what condition are the plants in? And, for example, the “lilac” is not identified. Is it the lilac in the picture? There are so many different kinds of lilacs. What is it’s hardiness? What is it’s disease-resistance? I am about to order one from Spring Hill nursery that flowers from late spring until frost! (“Josee”) Now it’s $19.99, but with all the other things I plan to buy to make up a $50 order and get my $25 off, it’s affordable, I think. But, that kind of thing is if you have your heart set on having something unusual, like only Miller Nurseries has a selection of semi-dwarf apple trees that grow only 6 feet high, and have tons of apples studded all the way down their long, trailing branches. That kind of thing makes my heart beat faster. Or Breck’s nursery, that has a beautiful scented lily, ivory colored with dark brown “coffee grounds” speckles in the center, called “Cappuccino”. But if those kinds of things aren’t a person’s hobby or passion then I think the Free Trees site is a great thing!—Oh, I’m so sorry for the long essay!!!

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