Racy detergent

By Mir
August 17, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks (I think) to Lindsey for alerting me to these Tide and Downy freebies.

Though I will freely confess to being slightly put off by their description:

Tide® Simple Pleasures™ is a collection of laundry detergents with naturally-derived essential oils for a relaxing, refreshing, or romantic scent experience. Use together with Downy® Simple Pleasures™ liquid fabric softener in the same naturally-inspired scents and you’ll get a long-lasting scent experience.

It took me the longest time to figure out what was bothering me, and then I realized that I’m pretty sure I’ve read almost the same description on the back of a bottle of… well… lubricant. Which is disturbing.

But it’s free, so maybe you can forget that it sounds kinda porny.


  1. I really enjoy a good giggle with my morning coffee, thanks!

  2. Just the name implies porn. Simple PLEASURES? Gotta love it.

    And I love this site, Mir!!

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