Time to shop at Kohl’s

By Mir
August 17, 2006

Do you have a local Kohl’s? I love Kohl’s. Their clearance is plentiful, and with a little patience, you can score some amazing deals there.

If you don’t have a local store, don’t fret! You can shop them online. If you shop them with any sort of regularity, you should get a Kohl’s charge card, because they often do coupons for cardholders. (Theirs is the only store card I have, for this reason.)

Now through August 22nd, 2006, use coupon code CHARGE30 in combination with your Kohl’s card to take 30% off your total order. Don’t have a Kohl’s card, but see something you want? Use code NEW1178 (that one expires August 19th, though, so hurry) for 10% off for everyone.


  1. I love Kohl’s, too! I finally gave in and got a Kohl’s card last year. Using it selectively has saved me lots of money. Thanks for the codes!

  2. You know I saw the huge clearance sale at Kohl’s online a few days ago and happily added about 10 items to my cart for a grand total of $45. But then they wanted to charge me almost $25 in shipping and handling! (Check their shipping costs now, it’s like $6 for the first item and $2 for each after.) Shipping costs for online items often drives me insane and I couldn’t go through with the order. There’s just no way that kids size 6 t-shirts and shorts would cost $25 to ship. On principle I refuse to pay a ridiculous fee like that for $4 shirts.

    So not to thrown rain on the post, just watch out for the inflated shipping at Kohl’s online at the moment. I still plan to go to the local store and see what I can find though.

  3. Right now through the 22nd shipping is $5.00 – regardless of order amount. There are some surcharges on some orders due to size, weight or special handling.

  4. YIPPEEE!!! Thank you very much for pointing this out Karen! I was rather bummed when I saw the outrageous shipping onMonday or Tuesday. (I should have screen-shot it because now everything is going to think I was crazy.)

  5. KOHLS – DON”T SHOP THERE! Have you noticed why EVERYTHING is on sale – always – at Kohls.com?? All their “regular prices” are inflated and they NEVER have them on sale at those prices. The “sale” prices are what most of the stores sell as their “regular” price. Compare small electric appliances and vacuums with i.e. Target. Kohls’ “sale” price can be more than Target’s “regular” price. Until March 17, Kohls is having “Bonus Buys” for “extra savings.” I checked out four items BEFORE and DURING the Bonus Sale days. Two of them are still the same “sale” price. But two are actually MORE this week during the Bonus Sale Days. There have been claims by State of Massachusetts and Kansas about the fact that all Kohls’ “regular” prices are inflated. Kohls had to pay $500,000 to settle this – twice. PLEASE COMPARE PRICES WITH SIMILAR STORES. They continue to deceive the consumer.

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