It’s battery time again

By Mir
August 19, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

32 alkaline AAs for $4.98 shipped. If there’s a better deal out there, I don’t know it.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been meaning to order from them ever since you first mentioned the site. And now I’ve got 32 batteries on the way…

  2. Am I missing the link for this somewhere?

  3. the link is the picture – just click on it.

    very cool! wish they had reasonably priced AAA batteries to go with the AAs. maybe another day, but very cool – my kids will be able to run their remote control cars to their hearts content!

  4. I headed over there the last time you mentioned them and caught wind of another great deal they had that you might want to keep your eye open for…the battery organizer refill set (25 pc of assorted batteries). I got 3 sets plus shipping for $25! That was an exciting day for me. hehe.

  5. Will they run this special again? I need batteries 🙂 I hope so 🙂

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