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By Mir
August 30, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Don’t let the name turn you off—the TestTube Program is “The world’s most unique product sampling program.”

[How do they verify that, do you suppose? Do you think they actually tested it, or maybe they just sat around and patted each other on the back saying, “Well, you know, no one else sends their stuff out in a tube.”]

For $25 + $6.95 shipping, each tube contains an array of high-end beauty products in a variety of sizes, as well as a $25 gift certificate (so it’s like getting everything else for just the cost of shipping).

This is not a “freebie” in the traditional sense, and I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who doesn’t already spend quite a bit on make-up. But if you’re a try-it-all, must-have-the-latest-and-greatest beauty items type, this could be an amazing deal for you. Go read up; they claim the first tube contained $180 worth of product in addition to the gift certificate.

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  1. Oh! You missed the real freebie though! If you sign up to be a beautypass member, they send you a $20.00 gift certificate as a reward. Just go to to sign up!

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