Won’t you be my neighbor?

By Mir
September 6, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning, and happy Good Neighbor Day to my friends here in the United States. Want to brighten someone’s day with flowers? Check the list of participating florists and then head out to pick up your free bouquet.

Thanks, FTD!


  1. Somehow it seems appropriate that there is not a single participating florist for the state of CT. Since moving here I have found them to be a singularly reserved, un-neighborly folk- for the first few years anyway, then they start to wave at you.

  2. Caya beat me to it… another flowerless CT resident here.

  3. Flowerless here in Idaho also… 🙁 I wish I was back in CA sometimes

  4. I don’t live in CT, but apparently we’re not neighborly in Toledo, OH either. Defiance, at least an hour away, is the closest neighborly florist. Maybe I should move there.

  5. what a very cool idea! and thanks for being so smart and pretty, Mir. and for always sharing!

  6. Man, I was pissed I missed out on this, till I saw MA had ONE spot in Auburn, isn’t that where the bus turned over?? Damn, they coulda used some flowers.

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