When two great tastes don’t taste great together

By Mir
September 7, 2006

I must confess, I just do not understand this particular phenomenon. Someone woke up one day and said, “That’s it! I simply must make oversized, sentient M&Ms into characters from Star Wars!”

It’s completely shocking that this fabulous idea ended up on clearance, of course.

But, um, if you require candy-coated chocolate Star Wars personalities, this is the deal for you, I guess.


  1. They are cheap to produce, and M&M makes various ones for everything they can think of. After all, once you buy one (even if you wait until clearance) you are required by law and all things good in this universe to keep it filled with M&Ms at all times aren’t you?

    It of course has not helped that Star Wars has seemingly gotten worse and worse (as well as less and less popular) with each installment of the prequels.

    Don’t worry about the M&M’s people though, I am sure they are just clearing these out in time for the latest corny Christmas — opps — excuse me — Holiday Editions that will be showing up in stores soon. (After all, holiday sales will probably start what… maybe end of September this year)

  2. My sons two favorite things are m&m’s and star wars. I wonder if I should get this for him and save it for Christmas? Thanks Mir!

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