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By Mir
September 12, 2006
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Know what’s embarrassing? When someone walks out of a bathroom at my house and I automatically yell, “WASH YOUR HANDS!” This is something I do all the time. And most of the time, it’s okay, because it’s one of my (small) offspring. But occasionally, it’s an adult guest, and then I feel a little silly.

But it’s a special brand of Mommy Tourette’s and I’ve never been able to stop.

Until now!

I just ordered some free handwashing clings from Bob Evans. September is National Food Safety Month, and Bob Evans is giving away these handy, residue-free reminder clings to anyone who wants them. Slap ’em up on the mirror in the bathroom for a (silent) reminder that 20 seconds of warm soapy water is the way to go.


  1. I seem to have this problem at WORK! I can’t believe how nasty people (adults!) can be. I am ordering enough for every bathroom in the office 🙂

  2. Never ever be ashamed of yelling at people to wash their hands. Handwashing is what will save us all from extinction.

    Thank you for your efforts on our behalf!

  3. my son is 22 months and he says WUSH-E-HANNS MOMMY? I love it.

  4. ummm yeah….totally a pet peeve of mine! Especially when it is people in the medical field and I see them NOT washing hands. What is that?
    I ordered like 12 of these and just might give them as stocking stuffers for my family! LOL
    From the handwashing police! 🙂

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