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By Mir
September 13, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ask anyone who knows me; I break watches.

I will break them in a car, and I will break them from afar. I will break them standing still, I will break them while the kids are ill. I will break them in the house, I will break them while I grouse. You get the idea. It drives me insane to be without an accurate timepiece, and yet, I manage to break every watch I own.

Do not ask me how. It’s a gift.

Anyway, you might think the solution would be to buy a really high-end watch that won’t break, but you’d be wrong. I can break anything. Trust me. So my solution is to buy a succession of cheap watches so that I’m not too sad when they stop working.

That’s why I’m all over today’s Daily Deal at Graveyard Mall. $4.99 and free shipping? Yeah, baby.


  1. You can’t beat that deal, but be aware that the little dials on the watch face aren’t real. Just so you know what you’re getting!

    bec 😀

  2. I have the same issues with watches, two years ago for Christmas my husband included a cheapo Wal-Mart watch with every gift. Funny I destroyed the expensive one but I still have 4 of the 6 cheapies! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Major deal! my watch just broke and I couldn’t get the battery replaced…for 4.99 this is perfect 🙂

  4. Maybe you have some kind of electrical field eminating from you that blows the watches?

  5. You know, I bought a nice analog Baby-G watch, because I was tired of having my $25 watches bust about one per year. I spent about $150, actually Hubby did for my birthday. I figured, this watch will last for the next 15 years or forever- it had “tough solar” (solar powered, no battery needed), “atomic” radio signal timekeeping, really shock resistant, and water-resistant to 150 feet, etc etc etc. The fool thing starts fogging up & the little digital display circle fades within 6 months. I sent it back to the Repair Center and they said they couldn’t repair it and couldn’t find a replacement, and they sent me an inferior MAN’S digital watch. I called them and sent it back & am waiting on the RIGHT model still. The guy on the phone actually tried to make me feel grateful they were going to trouble to find the same model (all they had was ONE in a different color!) So I totally thought that an expensive watch like that with a good reputation would last forever, but it goes to show, maybe you have something there, Mir 🙂

  6. I get my cheapie watches at the dreaded Wal-muerte, at $4.50-$4.99 a pop, it’s cheaper and easier than getting new watch-bands on them (the part that always breaks first for me, no matter the price). And it allows me to change my mind frequently about what look I like for a watch!

  7. That’s like me but with vacuums. Just be thankful that there’s a good-enough $4.99 version you can buy — my cheapie vacuum is $80. So my husband keeps fixing and fixing and getting more and more annoyed at my amazing ability to break vacuums.

  8. I have a Movado Museum Watch that my wife gave me as a Wedding Present. I wear it when we go to weddings, funerals, and out to dinner on our anniversary. Then it gets stored away with the several other watches I have, that have not seen daylight in probably 10 years.

    My cellphone is on my hip from the time I leave the house in the morning, until the time I go to sleep at night. It displays the time. I have not seen the need for an additional source of time since.

    Seems there are plenty of people like me though. Because there was an article in (I believe) the New York Times, about how watch sales are down so dramatically since people don’t wear them any more. It is now more a piece of jewerly (like my Movado… worn for the appearance more than anything else).

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