TGIF at Amazon

By Mir
September 15, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The Amazon Friday Sale has changed format again; you now need to click through the various categories to see all of the offerings. Amazon, what have you been smoking? Why must you muck around with something that was fine, and not broken? Seek help, Amazon.

Looking for a new set of cookware? There’s a nice Calphalon set being offered at 61% off.

Are you an ardent baker? Check out the french rolling pin that’s on deep discount. Sure, it’s a good deal… but more importantly, it says “pin” right on it, which is useful if you are prone to completely memory loss.

Also, I decided to do a bit of research on king-sized sheets (are they really more expensive?), and these aren’t part of the Friday sale, but this sheet set is looking like an awesome deal to me. Just sayin’.

Happy shopping!


  1. While I didnt buy the Calphalon set, I love my Calphalon One 13 inch skillet more than every other piece of cookery I own, and I know Amazon has good deals on them. So what did I find? The 10 inch calphalon one non stick skillet at 80% off for a grand total of $29.99 and free shipping! This is going to my mother as a random I love you.

  2. Well, gosh, if you aren’t pretty *and* smart! What a deal those sheets are! I just cleaned out the linen cupboard yesterday, and was thinking how much I wanted some new sheets. Thanks 🙂

  3. I SCORED on Amazon. I couldn’t decide between the red roomba or the super Breville juicer that takes whole apples, both I have coveted for some time. I got both. I had a $40 gift cert for my birthday, $109 from the change we had saved in a jar that I dumped in a coinstar machine in exchange for an Amazon gift cert and then $25 off $125+ using coupon FALLSAVE. I got both items for $10 shipped. SCORE!!

  4. Another great source for cheap queen and king sized sheets is kids\’ bedding sites. (How many kids have a queen or king sized bed– not many. So the sheets end up in outlet section.)

    Check Land of Nod:

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