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By Mir
September 16, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well, not free real storage. Though that would be handy. How cool would it be to have some dude show up on your doorstep with one of those Pod things and be all “Here, let us help you with that. No, no… you relax. And we’ll just hang on to this for free for you until you need it.”

What? Oh, right. The deal. Sorry.

Get in the vault! Right now if you sign up with AMD LIVE! Media Vault you get 25 GB of storage, absolutely free. Store anything you want; the only constraint is what you can fit in there. It’s not often you get that kind of storage for free… so get in on it before they change their minds.

[Edited to add: The site is having problems; it’s not letting me upload anything. Either they’re working the kinks out or this service is worth exactly what I paid for it. We shall see.]


  1. Do you have a Popup Blocker Turned on? I had the same problem, it didn’t seem to be working (and no error unfortunately), but then I turned off the Popup Blocker for the site, and everything started to work.

  2. I had the same problem. Once it got done uploading, the file wasn’t in my file manager. I got frustrated and didn’t think about it again until yesterday. I signed on and there was my file! Apparently there is a processing delay or something. Otherwise, it’s terrific!

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