Not even this would make me hip

By Mir
September 19, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Remember how I’ve told you that you should never pay for a magazine? Have you been heeding my advice and ferreting out the freebies?

The corollary to that advice, of course, is that you shouldn’t order magazines you’ll never read. Or that will make you feel stupid.

Which is why I won’t be signing up for this free subscription to Spin Magazine. Because let’s face it, I’m far too square to be reading about all the hot new musical artists and saying anything other than, “Back in my day, we had… James Taylor! And we liked it!”

But, um, you should feel free to sign up if you’re not as much of a dork as me.

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  1. I missed the original post about not paying for magazines, but through I have gotten a free year each of Cosmo and Redbook, and THOSE I will definitely read! ;p

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