More wackiness (with freebies) from Chik-fil-A

By Mir
September 22, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you remember when I dressed my kids up as cows to get free food?

Yes, I have no shame. But that’s not the point. (And they make cute cows, so you can just shut it.)

Now they’re at it again with the free stuff. Register for a chance at your share of the million nuggets they’re giving away. The first million to register get a coupon for a free large Dr. Pepper, too.

(Why only Dr. Pepper? Why not Coke? Or ginger ale? Is pairing chicken with Dr. Pepper like how you have to have red wine with steak?)


  1. If I have to pair Dr. Pepper with anything, it’ll be with Red Vines. I’ll immediately be transported to a sticky-floored movie theater where I’ll snicker and snark my way through some teen angst movie with my 15 year old friends. Ahhh, nostalgia!
    Gotta love Chik-fil-a! We will be trying for the nuggets as that is known as the lunch’o’champions around here…

  2. You rock! I just did this and it said I’ll be getting my free Dr. Pepper soon. I love free stuff! Mir is so pretty, Mir is so pretty, Mir is so pretty!

  3. I tried, but I didn’t win the million nuggets. Damn!, but I do have my Dr. Pepper!

  4. Since the “dress like cows for chicken” promotion, we are absolutely HOOKED on Chik-Fil-A, besides the fact that their kids meals have the greatest toys – PBS Between the Lions story CDs and virtue board books. Thanks for the tip

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