Shake up your bake sale

By Mir
September 26, 2006
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I don’t know; do schools do bake sales anymore? Maybe yours does. If so, you might be interested in this. My pal Charlie sent this one along:

Reynolds is giving away sixty “Shake Up Your Bake Sale” kits each week for six weeks starting September 22, 2006. Each kit includes a variety of FunShapes samples, a CD-rom with tips, recipes and signage for hosting a successful bake sale, a FunShapes tablecloth and a FunShapes calculator for quick tallies of customers’ bills. In addition, the “Shape Up Your Bake Sale” kits will include a disposable camera and entry information for an exclusive photo contest, with a chance to win a $500 donation to their organization from Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups.

I’ve used the FunShapes before when sending cupcakes in to class for birthdays and such, and the kids think it’s very fancy.

Go sign up for your kit and a chance to win the $500 donation!


  1. Required form entry:

    *Tell us why your bake sale needs shaping up.

    (my answer:)
    “Because these folks are generally uninspired and this would be a quick easy way to dazzle them with my baking prowess.”

  2. Here in New Jersey our town (and many others are quickly following suit one after the other) have BANNED bake sales, and even cupcakes for a classroom birthday party.

    A sure sign that they have taken the “healthy food in schools” campaign (like everything else) to a perverse extreme.

    Thank goodness the church still has bake sales. Otherwise I would be quite large (ok… even larger) from eating all the cupcakes and cakes the little one and I bake.

    I rarely (OK. Never.) organize the events, I leave that to others, but that kit sure sounds cool for those that do such things.

  3. We stoped having bake sales a few years ago because we seemed to make so little money. The families that baked spent more than the sale made. Darn. I always baked — and bought!

  4. I just got my bake sale kit in the mail today and I was totally surprised! I’m excited…there are some really cute ideas in there! Is it bad that I will now need to make up a bake sale because I MIGHT have fibbed about it on my application and would feel guilty if I didn’t?

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