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By Mir
September 28, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ve gotten email from about a dozen of you, alerting me to this huge sale on Bloomingdales’ line of make-up. There are often lots of exclamation points involved. I was resisting posting it, but now I feel I must because I can only read the same email so many times before I remember that even if the deal doesn’t thrill me, it apparently is exciting to everyone else. So.

Here’s the skinny: ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics is selling everything for a dollar right now. Contrary to the slew of email I received, I actually think that’s their regular schtick, not a promotion thing. Anyway. They are not affiliated with Bloomingdales or anyone else. ELF is just ELF. And I’ve heard mixed reviews of their products, so your mileage may vary.

If you want to try them out, and $1/apiece for makeup isn’t quite cheap enough for you, get your order up to $25 and use coupon code SHIPIT.


  1. isn’t Elf the dollar makeup that they sell at Target, too?

  2. Ok, Guilty of being one of the throngs who sent this to you — but now I’ve done ACTUAL research.

    Yes, $1 an item is their regular thing. They aren’t associated with anyone, including Bloomingdales. They are selling it in Target, but only 100 of them — which is frankly such a SMALL number — since it isn’t near ANY of the ones I go to.

    And finally, much to my personal disappointment. Shipping is $7 and the SHIPIT code gets you $5 of that back. I’m guessing they are calling $2 Handling. But it is a $1, thus as I’ve learned from my “Mir Lessons” it could make great stocking stuffers (if I had a girl, but still); birthday party gifts (for a girl); or still a gift for my babysitter.

    However, I’ve yet to try the stuff, but I will. For a buck.

  3. Yeah, ELF is usually only $1 per product. But even if they’re selling it in your Target, chances are that there won’t be every product from the line (which isn’t huge to begin with). I use ELF stuff and it’s actually really great. The only problem is that all the eye shadow has a bit of glitter in it.

  4. I bought some bits and pieces with this deal recently, and have found the eye-shadows to be not too bad at all, if a little glittery, yes.
    However, they also have ‘tools’ for $1, and I got an eyelash curler, and a few new brushes, each for a buck a piece. Not a bad deal there, for sure.

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