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By Mir
September 29, 2006
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Here’s their current deal: Get a set of 50 batteries with organizer for just $9.99. It’s a $29.99 value—40 AAs and 10 AAAs—on sale for $12.99, and you can use coupon code OCT to get an additional 20% off and $.99 shipping on your order.

I really want to jump on this deal just in principle, but my butter holder is still full of AAs from the last time I did one of their deals.

(What? You don’t keep your batteries in the butter compartment?)


  1. Thank you, oh wise and pretty Mir! With two birthdays and Christmas coming up, we will need all the batteries we can get.

  2. I jumping on this and buying a new laptop battery while I am at it.

  3. That’s totally where we keep our batteries!

  4. That’s where we keep our batteries! And then when you slam the door too hard some fall out and roll all over the kitchen floor. It drives me crazy, but that’s where my mom kept her batteries so I feel like they are supposed to go there.

  5. From the Energizer Web Site:

    Should I store batteries in the refrigerator?

    Storing batteries in refrigerators or freezers is not required or recommended for batteries produced today. In fact, cold temperature storage can harm batteries. To maximize performance and shelf life, store batteries at normal room temperatures with moderate humidity levels.

  6. Thanks Latte Man but, I prefer to keep my batteries under my pillow. Thanks for checking though! 🙂

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