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By Mir
September 29, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Check out eMusic and sign up for a free trial. 25 MP3 downloads are yours to keep, even if you cancel within 14 days (to prevent being signed up for service that requires pay). That’s like getting 2 whole CDs for free!

Thanks, Otto! (Do you think he’ll be offended if I start calling him my Bargain Boyfriend?)


  1. Mir luvvvs Otto!! nanny-nanny-boo-boooo!! 😛

  2. Bargain Boyfriend, huh?! Makes it sound like he gives you a good deal for his “services.” Haha. 😉

  3. As long as he doesn’t call you cheap! We are good!

  4. OHHHHHH….I have a question, please! don’t laugh tooooo hard. But, once I upload these FREE downloads am I able to transfer them to my iPod? You know the white thing that sits by my laptop screaming for me to listen to it. The thing is, I can’t find my earbuds for them and I keep forgetting to look online to order another set. I’m too lazy to go to the store and well…….never mind, what was my question again??? 🙁

  5. You and Otto are the best!
    A and K

  6. Tanyetta –

    Once you download, you’ll have a folder of MP3s on your desktop – drag them into iTunes and you are all set – they’ll play just fine on an iPod.

    As for earbuds … look at some of the independent manufacturers. Sennheiser makes some really nice ones, very good bass response. When I lose or break my white ones, I’ll be shopping for a pair from them

  7. I just cancelled the trial membership because I had a problems downloading the music. I would download the file and when I open it, a download manager pops up and says there was an error finding the file. And then it disappears so I can’t open it again. I’m sure I was missing something, but I didn’t feel like dealing with it.

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