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By Mir
October 2, 2006
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Have you seen the mini AGs? They are adorable. If you think you can get away with a mini (or three) instead of a full-sized doll, this Christmas, you should hightail it over to Overstock: they have the American Girl Minisicon for a third less than the AG store.

(Psssst… want ’em? The coupon I posted on Friday—which was supposed to end at the end of the month—seems to still be working. Click through the doll link to add whatever you want to your cart, then click here to activate your coupon and check out.)


  1. I visited the American Girls store in NYC recently. It is several floors high. They have a salon with 3 or 4 hairdressing chairs for the dolls to sit in, and employees can style the dolls’ hair for you. It costs some $20 if I remember right- certainly more than my husband pays for his cuts. There’s no way I’d even buy my girl a second-hand one of these. The whole thing is just crazy, all the books & clothes & shoes & accessories & activity kits & hairdressing! It’s practically a cult! Honestly, aren’t there better ways to spend time & money?

  2. We’re going to NYC in November and the girls’ birthday gift this year is buying an American Girl doll at the store (so they’ll have the experience plus the doll). Thank goodness I sew and will be able to make all the cute matchy matchy outfits because there’s no way I’m shelling out $30+ for doll clothes.

  3. Your ‘Psst’ must have been a bit too loud as they seem to be on to you. I clicked both of your links and neither of them bring me anywhere. (Page not found) I, unlike Caya and Katie, can’t sew and have been known to buy a doll (or four) plus accessories, in the past. And, my youngest just decided (after seeing the newest catalogue) that she would like another one for Christmas. So, if you have anymore info on these minis, I would appreciate it…until then, I’ll be trying your free shipping code from your previous post to start my holiday shopping early!

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