Tasty treats for your pup

By Mir
October 4, 2006
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Have you heard of Petzels? They’re “the world’s only pretzel for dogs.” (What a claim to fame. I shall now begin billing myself as “the world’s only mother to these particular children.”)

You can get a free sample of Petzels and let Fido have an exciting treat. You absolute must check out the Testimonials page, too:

I tried the samples of the Petzels that Mom got in the mail the other day, I felt like such a doofus because I could not control my drooling when I smelled them. The taste was even better! I love Petzels!!!

– Bair

I think that instead of “the world’s only pretzel for dogs” they should change their motto to “make your dog a doofus.” But there’s probably a reason I’m not in charge of their marketing.

Thanks, Stephanie!


  1. your post made me laugh out loud (literally, not a LOL, but an honest to goodness HA! out loud) twice. The “mother/these particular children” and the “doofus” — too funny!

  2. CAB: I merely submitted this, but also laughed out loud at the ‘only mother’ line. Mir’s pretty….funny!

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