Try Puraderm, risk-free (for eczema sufferers)

By Mir
October 5, 2006
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Winter is coming, and if your family is like mine? Eczema is coming with it.

All summer long my babies sweat and all day and bathe at night and have gorgeous skin. As soon as the weather turns cold, my children turn into little sandpaper people. Don’t even get me started on the winter I coated my daughter in Crisco every night. (Yes, really. Her pediatrician told me to!)

I don’t know if using Puraderm products will help, but for $3, I’ll sure as heck find out.

Pay just $3 and receive 4 Ounces of Puraderm Laundry (Four Wash Loads), 4 Ounces of Puraderm Hair and Body Shampoo, and 1 Travel jar of Puraderm Skin Sealing Wax. If you’re not satisfied? Puraderm will refund your money, no questions asked.

But I have a question. What is Skin Sealing Wax? It sounds an awful lot like… Crisco. Kinda looks like it, too. No matter. We’ll try it out.

Thanks for the tip, Melissa!


  1. Thank you Mir! What a lifesaver – all my prescriptions don’t work and my skin is so bad in the winter, I cry from all the crackly knuckleness.
    Thank you thank you….if this works – I’ll be their lifelong customer. Their prices are way out of line either.

  2. I just absolutely cracked up at the sandpaper people. You are so fricking hilarious. Hope this stuff works for those who need it.

  3. My son and I suffer from eczema year-round so I’m always willing to try something new (I’ve never heard of this stuff before.) I anxiously await it’s arrival. Thank you for being so very pretty and informative to boot!

  4. We used elidel successfully on one kid and unsuccessfully on another. Go figure. I will have to try this on the second kid and hope it works! 🙂

  5. Have you thought about trying Lush’s Dream Cream for your kids? It’s the company’s best seller and is amazing for eczema and psorasis. It costs $20.95 per pot but if you want, I can send you a sample to try on your kids. I was just shocked that your pediatrician recommended Crisco!

  6. I have eczema and was searching for any information that could help. I came across this page and remembered that a friend of mine with eczema recommended it to me. I had forgotten the name of the product. She used the detergent and said it had helped. I will be looking forward to trying Puraderm to see if it will work for my eczema.

  7. Puraderm has been great for my eczema I found the site thru your blog and tried their products. The Sand People Solution! I use the soap now and my skin does not seem to dry out, We are just now having some cold weather so I have really put the Wax sealer to the test and my hands are not drying either. This could be perfect for dry cracking knuckle and elbows. I have been looking for this eczema solution forever. Thanks Mir your a the eczema life saver.

  8. Great Suggestion,
    I had to come back and post.
    Eczema patients Must! This stuff is great! Thank you so much mir. I have tried counless eczema remedies, I’ve read books, I have tried “Natural” Stuff, Nothing has worked like Puraderm.
    I feel like my eczema is under control for the first time.
    Did you all see the Sun Safe, That sounds very useful as well! Great site.

  9. I can’t believe this eczema Product is only three dollars.
    My eczema Has been so bad lately. Eczema seems to always be worse in the winter. I want to try This eczema product.
    Thanks. 🙂

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