Fido wants fresh breath, too

By Mir
October 11, 2006
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Who better than the keeper of the ninja poodles to alert me to this great freebie:

Get a free sample of Greenies for your dog.

From the site:

We could go on about the science behind the new Greenies® dental chews forever – after all, it is our favorite topic. But we’d rather let you, or rather your dog, try it first-hand. Once your dog starts chewing, he or she will be sure to love every little teeth-cleaning, plaque-reducing bit� and you’ll love your pups fresher, more kissable breath!

Belinda reports that your sample also arrives with a $3 off coupon. And that’s great news, because you’ll want to keep that “kissable breath” thing going. Unless the phrase “kissable breath” in relation to dogs is squicking you out as much as it is me….


  1. that’s totally awesome. my dog LOVES Greenies, but they’re always so expensive!! the coupon is great.

  2. Greenies can be dangerous. I had a dog swallow a piece that was too large for her to, um, pass.

  3. OMG, I totally missed the “kissable breath” thing. Gak.

    And YES, as Kim points out, there have been cases of obstructions. You have to know your dog, and if he/she is a “gulper,” then definitely buy the smaller sizes. Other brands are knocking off the Greenies formula now, so be aware of this with ANY brand of these chlorophyl-based chews. If your dog can’t be trusted not to break off and swallow large pieces of ANY chew, then buy the smallest size. Or use raw marrow bones like beef femurs, which my butcher gives me for free! (Warning, though, that if a dog not used to fresh raw food eats a lot of marrow…well, that’s pretty rich stuff. So, you know.)

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