And on the fifth day, she shopped

By Mir
October 13, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have to say, I look forward to Fridays probably a bit more than I ought to. It’s not even that I always buy something, it’s more just the thrill of the hunt. (What this says about the state of my mental health, we won’t be getting into….)

So! The Amazon Friday Sale is upon us once again. Let’s see if there are any goodies to be had.

How about a reconditioned Dyson for $324.99 after coupon? Or 1,000 thread count sheets (though you’d have to buy more than just a set of sheets to use the coupon)?

This looks to be a really nice deal on a men’s jacket, and I’m bummed they don’t have the comparable women’s version, because I really need a new winter jacket. Hmph.

This comb set is making my eyes hurt, a little, but it could be a handy filler item if you’re trying to get an order up to $25 for free shipping.

Got paper towels? Granted, this isn’t a fabulous price (don’t get me wrong; it’s a fine price, just not a huge deal), but having it delivered to your door rather than wrestling it onto the bottom of the shopping cart? Priceless.

My fantasy kitchen will have this set. Also: granite countertops, a Viking gas range, and Alton Brown. What?

Holy crow, they just keep marking this GPS unit down, and my fingers are getting itchy. Itchy, I tell you! What a lovely gift that would make for the directionally- challenged. Just, you know, duck while it’s being opened. Just in case.

Oh! And—this just in—Overstock finally brought back the decent weekend coupons! Get 12% off your entire order and shipping for just $1 all weekend long. Very nice.

Happy Friday, everyone, and happy shopping!


  1. You’re wearing me down with those sheets. I just bought 400 count sheets and have never slept on anything so soft. NOW you tell me there is such a thing as 1000 count???

    I gotta justify the $99.99….somehow. If it takes me all day. There are 800 count sheets for $69.99 too. Sigh.

  2. I just received my reconditioned Dyson from last week’s Friday sale. I promptly used it on my freshly vacuumed (with old vacuum) floor and was delighted to see all the muck the Dyson found. Thanks Mir!!

  3. Alton Brown is in my kitchen until further notice, thankyouverymuch.

  4. Mir, have you tried Lands’ End for a good quality winter coat? There must be an Inlet store near you. If you get on the Inlet’s mailing list, you can get even deeper discounts.

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