Not unless it’s a seafood brew

By Mir
October 16, 2006

Something caught my eye today, and by “caught my eye” I of course mean “horrified me beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

Mikasa has a long and rich history of elegance; how in the world did they decide these were something the refined world needed?

Oh! Wait! I just realized what they’re for! Not for coffee (no, that would be silly), but for melted butter. Now it all makes sense. Sort of.


  1. Oh, c’mon… those might be fun for a beach house, maybe.

  2. No. Lobster PLATES would be fun for a beach house. Lobster espresso mugs are the product of crackheads. 😉

  3. Maybe some people like crustaceans with their breakfast.

  4. Odd, isn’t it, that they’re on such a deep discount? Oh, the mysteries of life…

  5. If only I wasn’t done Christmas shopping for my mother-in-law! These were made for people like her – a little nuts and extremely beach deprived!

  6. Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor? They are very, very amusing! It’s completely absurd, to have a lobster on your espresso cup! Am I the only one that grew up watching Monty Python at far too young an age??

    I like the design though, the red & white pattern is very pretty (I think)- I’m ordering one!

  7. HAHAHAHAHHAH! OMG, I laughed out loud when I saw those. They have plates and an oval platter, too! (And, let’s be honest – the cups are the best of the various “China” options.)

    If I still lived in New England I’d order one of each and have a lobster cookout. 🙂

    Thanks for the chuckle.

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