Final sale at Lane Bryant

By Mir
October 17, 2006

Items 30% to 70% off in the Lane Bryant final sale. Plus, use coupon code 00202077 to take 20% off your total order (expires today) 000201506 through January 17th for 20% off (no minimum) or code 050001521 for $25 off your order of $75+.

This is love, people. I came in here and posted this while my kids are eating breakfast, so concerned was I that you might miss a deal.

Or maybe I got tired of watching them chew with their mouths open.


  1. Some twisted mind I have… well not twisted, maybe tired? Hmmm anyway, I thought it said FAT sale at Lane Bryant. Like us big gals don’t have it hard enough they have to call the sale FAT that’s F at I think they should have at least ammended it to PH at. All that time being pissed, I didn’t even notice it said FINAL sale. Oh. That’s better.

  2. Thank you!!!! I needed bras in a bad way. I love their bras and they last years but all of mine in white finally bit the dust. You saved me $50 on three of them.

    If anyone wears a 12 dress size you can get great deals on underwear – regularly $12-$17 for $3

  3. Arg! How can they claim a plus size sale when they have nothing left except size 12!! Arg…….

  4. Some of their clearance bras are buy-one-get-one-half off… I don’t think I’ve gotten 2 bras for less than $25 since I was in high school! And shipped to my door for that price!
    All you chestilicious babes out there – get on this sale!

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