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By Mir
October 17, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

There’s just something about the Improvements Catalog that I love. Maybe it’s that they carry this eclectic mix of items, from the sublime to the ridiculous. I love to browse through and be all “This is just ridiculous; who buys this stuff?” Usually whenever I say that, within five minutes I’ve found something I really want. Don’t judge me.

Anyway! Check out their clearance, in particular. Lots of good deals to be had. I’m considering one of these, purely because my kids would love it. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Use coupon code MP6W219 to take 20% off of any order. Expires October 25th, 2006.

Have fun, especially if you decide to turn your fridge into a beachside paradise. No comment.


  1. When I got the catalogue, I had to wonder, what’s the deal with the pet gate with the smaller pass through gate for cats? I mean, couldn’t a cat just, um, jump over the gate? Or is that for elderly cats who are not as spry anymore, and would maybe need the pet steps up to the couch as well? Hey, maybe you should get a set of those steps so the kids can get up on your new bed!

  2. I can’t decide between the beachscape and the flag. Cause, you know, a flag makes you a good person.

  3. I SO want that palm tree for my fridge … but it’s a side-by-each, so it won’t work.

    Wonder how it would look on the back of a conversion van, tho …

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