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By Mir
October 19, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Free travel mug using redemption code WMGOHO-2006.

I can always use an extra travel mug, because mine have a mysterious habit of vanishing. Hmmmmm.


  1. I like that this mug identifies me clearly as a member of minor royalty. Think I can get out of toll roads? Hi, I don’t have the change, but I’m a contessa.

  2. I particularly enjoyed the code wmgoho-2006, as in “walmart go ho” yo’self!

  3. Dear Mir —

    You are so smart and pretty and I think I love you.

    Last night my teen daughter asked for a travel mug. In 4-6 weeks, she’ll get one. She’s very patient and this will be a wonderful surprise.

  4. Is it just me? I don’t have any links on this one.

  5. Nevermind, it it just me…and my stupid Norton software.

  6. Thanks Mir!!

  7. Melisa,

    Do you know how to get around the stupid Norton software? NO links for me either. Thanks!

  8. Mir,
    You’re Awesome! Thanks!

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