Friday never hesitates

By Mir
October 20, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s a dreary, rainy Friday here, and the kids and I stepped out the door to watch the bus pull away without so much as a backwards glance. Hmph. We piled into the car and took the shortcut to the next stop, and got out to discover twice as many kids there as usual. “So many people are late today!” squealed a little girl, with obvious delight.

“No, the bus came early today,” I answered, and four other parental heads nodded in agreement. Great start to the day. Ahem.

Fortunately, The Amazon Friday Sale won’t let me down. It will neither leave without me nor insist my watch is wrong. I love you, Friday sale!

(I don’t so much love the big processed meat sticks, or, particularly, this, but hey—to each his own.)

Friday Sale, you know that everyone should have their own robot (especially for just $134.99 shipped after coupon). Did I ever tell you that the Roomba actually beeps like a truck backing up when it’s re-docking itself? It’s adorable.

Got a hankering for Mexican food? This is the cheapest I’ve seen this quesadilla maker, and it’s got great reviews.

I don’t really know if this contraption is any good, but it’s 69% off! Which made me giggle!

Need a gift for an avid outdoorsman? Look no further than this backpack chair. Heck, you could probably hunker down and take a nap during your kid’s soccer game in that thing. Not that I would ever do that.

Happy Friday, and remember: Friends don’t let friends pay full retail.


  1. Well “that contraption” that’s 69% off (snicker, snicker) is apparently good for guys named Brad.

  2. Um, in the picture of the backpack chair, why is the guy hovering about a foot above the chair? Does the chair hold magical powers that involve levitation? It should use those powers to get that guy a new hat. Just sayin.’

  3. oh gosh. i am giggling hysterically at Stephanie’s comment and the visual aid. and i love how in the next picture, dude is all serious-looking, like, who, me? hilarity.

    there’s a free sample for Nicorette Fruit Chill on today…but i’m thinking that i probably shouldn’t order it, since i don’t smoke? lol. well, that, and because i think it’s maybe not the most appropriate free sample to stuff into one of the christmas shoeboxes 😛

  4. That quesadilla maker is just okay. I got it a few years back and we wound up just donating it when we moved because it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth. I just use a large frying pan or a cookie sheet in the oven. 🙂

  5. I actually like the quesadilla maker. The little kids gave it to me for my birthday several years ago. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t take up the oven or a burner so I can make quesadillas and they’ll be ready along with other stuff I might be cooking. And, if I’m just making one for me for lunch or something, no pans to wash – no hot oven (down here in Florida that’s important). I like it.

  6. I hate to ask dumb questions, but what’s the coupon code so I can get the roomba for that price? We seriously have one and love it, and I would love to get one for my mom for Christmas at that price.

  7. Hi Pretty Mir!

    My MIL got the King bedding set you posted earlier this week and she thanks you from the bottom of her heart!

  8. I got the Roomba about a month ago, and the reconditioned ones must have issues, because mine was sent back as well. After they sent me a new battery and docking station to try to resolve the problem. If you buy one, be sure to go to iRobot for customer service instead of returning it. Like pretty Mir, I am getting a brand new one. And get to keep the extra battery and docking station free of charge. They did try to charge me shipping on returning the old robot, but, having learned from Mir, I put up a fuss. Unlike Mir, they paid the shipping. No free filters here. iRobot also didn’t answer my emails to customer support, but once I called, the service was excellent.

  9. Is this the same bus driver who was ages late in returning your children to you after school? I think you may have to kill him. Dead.

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