Big plastic things for your kids

By Mir
October 24, 2006

Honestly, what did we play with when we were kids, before there was all manner of Big Plastic Objects? Oh, I know; we played with pots and pans and knives and guns, and we liked it. Right.

Anyway, if you’ve been considering a big plastic purchase for the anklebiter in your life, now’s the time.

First, receive free shipping at Little Tikes on your $200+ order with coupon code GHOL2295. Good through November 15th, 2006.

Next, there’s a special kitchen promo happening at Step2. Get free shipping on their three most popular kitchens through November 6th, 2006.

For the Grand Walk-In Kitchen use coupon code 6Grand. For the PartyTime Kitchen use coupon code party06. And for the Deluxe Kitchen use coupon code deluxe.

I am only a little depressed that these kitchens seem nicer than my actual kitchen….


  1. I looked at that Grand Walk-In Kitchen and the kid in me said, “I want that!” but the mom in me immediately followed with, “Look at all those pieces to lose!”

  2. “… and step on in the middle of the night!”

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