Mmmmm. . . delicious processed transfats

By Mir
October 25, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Today, October 25th, most U.S. McDonald’s restaurants are participating in a “Burger Day” promotion. (I’m not sure what the occasion is. Us being the fattest nation on the planet, maybe? Hooray!) I’m also not sure if Canada is participating.

Geez, I don’t seem to know much of anything.

What I do know is that participating restaurants are doing discounted hamburgers/ cheeseburgers, either $.49/$.59 or $.39/$.49. Not a bad time to make a fast-food run, particularly if you have a gaggle of kids.

Um, not right now, though. Later. For lunch, or maybe dinner. Just work on breakfast for right now. I’ll take a cup of coffee, for starters.


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