TGIF has never been so heartfelt

By Mir
October 27, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s been a long week, here, and I am ready for a little retail therapy. Provided the price is right, of course. Let’s see what the Amazon Friday Sale has to offer this week, shall we?

Ooohhhh. I think that mood would be greatly improved by this cashmere sweater, don’t you? And what a nice gift that would make for someone.

if I were a different sort of person, I’d recommend these cookies. But I don’t want y’all to hate me when you end up weighing 800 pounds, so, um, they’re a great deal, but they’re like crack so you might want to just say no.

Weren’t we just talking about a nice wine opener the other day? I think we were. That one’s pretty nifty-looking.

I keep going back to look at this indoor grill. It has fabulous reviews. And doesn’t involve standing knee-deep in snow to have a great burger. So.

And last—but certainly not least—in this latest chapter of “Mir drools all over the Friday Sale,” I just want to issue a cheap camera alert.

That is all.

[Edited to add: I lied. Here’s more. This isn’t part of the Friday Sale, but if you missed the previous one and are still seeking a cheapie bed set, this one is available in Queen, King, and Cal King.]


  1. On the indoor grill: I got one as a wedding present to myself — since at the time of our wedding, we lived in a “grills are FORBIDDEN” apartment and I like to grill my meat. After over 7 years, I still love the thing. We’ve since moved to various “grills now Welcome” homes and while I’ve had a real outdoor grill until recently, we use the indoor one lots. It takes longer to cook (I think it has to do with no closing the lid and walking away) — and you don’t get the good smokey taste — without ‘help’ — but if you hate broiled meat like me — this is quite good. So good, it has a place on my countertop and my toasteroven does not!

  2. Just say no to 90-day electronics warranties (WRT the Nikon camera). If an item really has been reconditioned by the factory to be “like new,” then, by golly, they should guarantee it to be like new. The purchaser is, after all, taking a chance that the possibly repaired product has really been repaired. The $30 difference in price between the fully-warranted new product and the much-less-warranted reconditioned product is hardly a good bet.

    In fact, I’ll hardly buy any electronics item with a 90 day warranty any more. If they can’t back it with a full year or more, then they’re saying they make products of a quality that can’t be reasonably depended upon to make it a year.

  3. The “health and personal care” category includes groceries, for which there is currently a $10 off $49 promotion (GROCERY3). I stocked up on Pirates Booty, Cascasdian Acres cereal and marinara sauce, among others.

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