Play with trains, without tracking a mess

By Mir
October 31, 2006

Once upon a time my toddler son became enamored of Thomas the Tank Engine, and like the sucker I was, when Christmas rolled around I got him a train table and about seventeen miles of wooden track and a dozen trains.

I cannot tell you how many times I stepped on errant pieces of track that weren’t needed for his favored configuration: a great big circle. Yes, his trains preferred to go around in circles. While talking to each other.

We shall refrain from wondering what this says about my son.

Instead, we shall focus on the fact that this awesome train table is not only on sale and has free shipping, it has a built-in track configuration and therefore does not present a hazard to your naked toes. I wouldn’t recommend it for an older train enthusiast, maybe, but for a toddler/preschooler it’s perfection.


  1. So cool! We are train buffs at our house, courtesy of husband who is a modeler in HO scale. Too bad the kids are too old to enjoy this train table. Um, maybe husband would like it….

  2. The built-in configuration is the only way to go. Otherwise they pull out all the tracks, scatter them in order to help them plan, become ovewhelmed mid-construction, and wander away (not unlike the drywall guy we hired this summer, come to think of it).
    My baby has lost interest in trains, for the most part, and I want to cry over it.

  3. Me, I’m just wondering how much I’ll get on eBay for all that Thomas stuff my son never uses anymore. Ever since he discovered Legos, Thomas has gone the way of rotary phones, minus the nostalgia. Hey Kira! Maybe we could pool our Thomas stuff and get a really big eBay haul!

  4. Oh Geez, just when I had myself talked out of a train table! We are in the middle of a full blown Thomas obsession. If fact, as I type this I am listening to Harold and Percy save Toby from drowning in a flood!

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