Two great tastes that go great together?

By Mir
November 1, 2006

Need the perfect gift for that perfect someone?

Need the perfect gift for two perfect someones?

Need the perfect gift for two perfect someones that says “You spend more time with your computer than you do with me?”

Look no further.


  1. Woo! Stocking stuffer!

    Now I just need to figure out who to give the second one to…

  2. Yes!! Encourage people to keep hot drinks near their machine! Job security for IT Directors EVERYWHERE!

  3. Are you trying to tell me something, Mir?

  4. I’d buy just about anything if it gets me more USB ports.

  5. Oh, my goodness — I want one!

  6. great, it’s the perfect gift for my mom, but I gave her the link to this site. pffft. MacBooks have too few USB ports

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