That’s right, it’s Friday

By Mir
November 3, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s possible that I look forward to the Amazon Friday Sale just a little bit too much. I’m aware. But if this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, baby!

In fact, I’m a little bit in love with these shoes in cognac. Though I suspect my beloved would find them hideous, I just think they’re cool. (And there’s still a deal running on shoes where you can get $20 off of $80, so that would necessitate buying a second pair to save even more, because that logic totally applies to shoes.)

Looking for a deal on a basic sewing machine? Look no further.

Got cats? Want a self-cleaning litter box? Now, I don’t have cats because I’m allergic, but if I did, I would never scoop again given that you can buy an automated contraption to do it for you. Anything that keeps me from having to come in contact with fecal matter is a good thing, in my book. (The little holders for it are on sale, too.)

Are you just now joining us here at Want Not, or otherwise somehow missed the gazillion other deals I posted for high-thread-count sheets? Check out these 1,000 thread count sheets for ultimate luxury.

Tis the season for those of us with Seasonal Affective Disorder to break out our light boxes. I pink puffy heart mine and sing it love songs when no one is looking. And I paid a lot more for it than this light box is selling for. (Note: I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Seek medical advice if you think you might have SAD.)

Anyone remember that last big deal on Cascadian Farms stuff? If you tried it and like it—or want to test it out now—check out these granola bars. Oh, and my kids love these (and the price is making me swoon). Don’t forget that code GROCERY3 is still working for $10 off your $49+ grocery purchase.

I desperately want one of these bento jars. And I work from home. So it might be time to stop browsing the sale. Let me know if you find anything fabulous that I missed.


  1. Mir, the light box is sold out. What was it going for, so I can compare whether the others are reasonably priced or not? And do you have an opinion on “blue light” vs. not? This would be for my husband.

  2. OH! That Bento box!!!! I have no earthly use for it, but I want one, too!!!

  3. I wish the automated litter box worked for rabbits. They don’t use their box in quite the same way. And yes, we have rabbits because I, too, and allergic to cats. And dogs.

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