Okay, iPod unbelievers

By Mir
November 9, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Some of you enjoyed giving me some flak for insisting that iPods are the only way to go. That’s fine. I stand by my opinion but am happy to acknowledge that it’s just that—an opinion.

Want to take your chances with another brand? Be my guest.

Check out today’s Deal of the Day at Overstock. (That link will not only take you to the item, it’s got the current 10% off promotion embedded in it. Twofer!) It’s a 2-pack of video MP3 players by some brand I’ve never heard of. And they’ve only got 256 meg of storage. But the price is right, and if you’ve got 2 kids who’ve been begging… this may be the right deal for you.

(But if they break? I get to say “I told you so.”)


  1. Um. Um. I agree with the opinion that it is iPod or bust. I say that as fair disclosure.
    I took a look at the Overstock deal. Um. 256MB is REALLY tiny. In fact, what I think is absurdly small, the iPod Shuffle, is 1GB. I’m seriously wondering if you’d even be able to get any kind of video on it with such low memory.
    Yes, less than $50 each might seem right — But for that money, might I suggest this non-iPod item: http://www.crayolastore.com/product_detail.asp?HDR=&T1=CRA+YCMW2816 with the expansion slot for more memory?
    Heck, this is what my 3 year old is getting for Christmas — until he’s old enough to be trusted with a hand-me-down iPod ;).

  2. I just found out that me neice wants an IPOD and I missed out on the $29 deal. I’m hoping that they offer it again before Christmas.

  3. of course, after seeing the iPod deal for $35 shipped, I asked my boyfriend if he’d be interested. $35 is no biggie as a stocking stuffer or whatever. but then later that afternoon, it was bumped to $65 or so shipped. $65 is out of the stocking stuffer range. it’s more “i’m buying him a damn xbox 360 anyhow, i might as well use that $65 on a game which i know he’ll actually play, if i’m going to be blowing that extra cash”…

    in other words, i, too, am hoping that the $29 deal comes back, and i won’t be a fool and wait around ’til the afternoon, this time.

  4. I got in on the $35 shipped iPod Shuffle. It is 512 MB, which is not huge but for $35..my 13 year old can live with *just* 120 songs

  5. It should of course be noted that none of these low cost MP3 players will play downloaded music from stores that use DRM (Digital Rights Management), so you are pretty much stuck to listening to songs that you have ripped from your CD collection.

    But if that is OK, TigerDirect currently has a 1GB MP3 player for 19.95 (after rebate), or if you are the type that hates dealing with the rebates, they have a 256MB model for $19.99 that also comes with a built in FM tuner, for those that still like to listen to good old fashioned radio some times. (I will leave the linking of these items to the ever pretty Mir, if she so desires).

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